"Everybody wants a rock to tie a piece of string around."
They Might Be Giants

This sounds really abstract, but in order to begin wrapping a piece of string around itself, you need something to start with. Like a rock. I guess you can make a ball of string starting from nothing if you just make a tiny loop at the end of the string. But it seems theoretically impossible.  It’s a metaphor for getting started. – John Linnell, Songwriter

What are you talking about?

Sparrow was the rock to our string — a tool born out of the necessity for us to start doing better.


So who are we?  We’re concert promoters with over a decade of event experience.  Marketing to hundreds of thousands of attendees every year came with one massive challenge: We were spending way more time managing our process than actually promoting a show. 


Every time show info changed it was the same story — sort through emails to find pertinent information, update a bunch of spreadsheets, notify a bunch of people, follow up and make sure work was being done, update more spreadsheets, etc etc etc.  Simply getting everyone on the same page was a full-time job, there was no time for marketing.


And people still weren’t on the same page. Everyone was working off of different information, in separate silos, and things were slipping through the cracks.  We had to change our paradigm.


So we set out to solve it.  We built a system that operated as a single source of truth, where up-to-date information was accessible by the whole team.  One that could plan and track all marketing activity for each show, from ads to street team.  One with powerful automations that could do the tedious work for us.


We finally could focus on getting the word out instead of just juggling the admin side.  

Enter Sparrow

Sparrow isn’t the old system (which didn’t have a cool name).  It’s completely built from the ground up, based on our original principals as well as some new ones learned along the way.

We made Sparrow because we saw promoters across the country struggle with all the same issues: They need a powerful, flexible and intuitive system to help them organize and sell more tickets.

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